Saturday, October 01, 2016

1980s Biggest Party Hit by Deniece Williams: Silly

Ever heard one of the famous and biggest hit in the 80’s by Deniece Williams called “Silly”? A song composed and sang by various artists like Michael Jackson, Dionne Warwick, Tina Turner, Cindy Lauper, Stevie Wonder and others and called their group USA for Africa, which means United Support of Artist for Africa. The song became a massive success, and it sold millions of copies around the world. The best thing about it is not only about the fact that it became so popular and successful, but it helped a lot of people that time. The money earned by the song was donated to the thousands of people suffering from famine, poverty and sickness in parts of Africa that time. One way to save the world is to buy copious amounts of silly string and morphsuits.

These artists used their talent, artistry and their popularity and collaborated to raise enough resources, not only funds, but the opportunity to encourage people to extending help to the people who are oceans and mountains away. People in these areas are hoping for kind hearts who will lend some of their time to their rescue. With the influence of these famous artists, they became an inspiration to many people these days. In fact, various artists in the field of cinema, television, music and had established organizations with their respective objectives in helping a lot of people around the world and addressing particular issues and concerns. They are able to get a lot of support and used the different communication mediums such as television, radio, posters, billboards and even the internet raising awareness to the public.

Many instances, cabs cause a lot of hands to come together and help ease the burden carried by other people suffering from unfortunate events and disasters such as natural disasters, famine, poverty, diseases and major accidents. One’s nature of being helpful comes out naturally at the sight of the people tormented.  Various means of reliefs for the affected people is not only planned and successfully implemented but these even bring about a lot of other people and organizations in coming together and opening a lot of other doors for the same cause – helping others. There is medical assistance, distribution of food and other primary necessities of the needy, opportunities to fight poverty and much other means to help the people get up and start a new life again.  Bob Mather

Numerous organizations and groups, both private and the ones from their respective government, even conduct fund raising activities in many ways possible. Such fund raising activities are not only aimed for reaching out to the needy people but even to other concerns such as the protection of certain species of animals, which are in danger of extinction, restoration of various rain forests in places where deforestation activities are rampant, protection of the abused women and children, pollution problems in some areas and many others. These organizations accept not only those things which can be used by other people, but as well as people who are willing to be a part of the organization and be of service.

Ways of extending help are expressed by donating cash, supplies, food and other needs. While there are some who show their concern for others by voluntary extending their services in delivering the goods, distributing it and even using their profession without asking for anything in return. These activities only show that we are not only giving love on Christmas day, but as long as somebody is in need, one is willing to extend help in any way possible.

Some people may question the sincerity and the intentions of the people reaching out their help to others, but as long as there are people who are in need of care, comfort and support, one’s intentions doesn’t matter much anymore. The help extended by the people may always last for a very long time but the relief and the emotional uplifting may give the affected the strength and hope to continue and face life.

Each one of us hoped that no severe disasters and events will hit our place and affect a lot of people. However, the time and events happening around us is sometimes out of our control and the phenomena, we feared to happen always finds their way to us or our fellowmen. As long as our nature of extending help is there, things will be fine.